Tracing our origins back to the early 1980’s, we are a group of highly experienced expert therapist lecturers who came together to provide excellence in training. We have developed courses for those just starting out on a career as a therapist, to the often overlooked advanced in depth training that allows practitioners to work safely and effectively with the most challenging presenting issues.

We also present specialist adjunctive therapy training to the medical profession to help improve potential clinical outcomes. Our lecturers have decades of combined experience and have trained many of today’s experts in the field of clinical hypnotherapy and related psychotherapies.

Our courses are thoroughly researched and have a strong emphasis on what works in the consulting room.
The LSCCH Therapy Centre will provide mental healthcare support using clinical hypnotherapy and related psychotherapy. It offers a clinical placement for new graduates who
will provide affordable therapy to people affected by the pandemic and creates another opportunity for treatment by experienced practitioners.

Covid-19 has affected mental health globally in two ways namely the immediate reaction to the crisis when people struggle to cope with the impact of the pandemic and the long-term impact of prolonged stress.

Experts from Asia and the UK will deliver workshops to over 400 delegates on the role virtual therapy has played during the covid-19 pandemic.