Lo & Savv Talent Group was founded by Tabitha Hampton, and Co-Owned by Courtney & Cristin Cantrell, who are well respected in Saint Louis for their promotional and marketing work (in previous endeavors) for local Radio/TV stations and venues, as well as with major music artist, and record labels. Using their tenacity, business savvy, and passion for both children and the entertainment industry, Lo & Savv Talent Group was born.

Lo & Savv Talent Group is a full-service development and management firm located in Saint Louis (MO), that caters solely to children and young adults (between the ages of 4-17) in the entertainment industry, as well as their families. We promote and market talent on a local and national level and work very closely with each family to prepare them for a rigorous but rewarding career in Print, TV, Film, or Music. Most importantly, our purpose is to surround our clients and their families with an atmosphere that is conducive to a stress-free and uncontaminated career in show business.

We work with only the most dedicated and committed families, who have chosen to enter this business only after careful consideration and hard decision making. We are fully dedicated to helping families of child entertainers & performers understand and adapt to the fast-paced, high impact lifestyle that you emerge yourselves in once you've made the decision to enter the entertainment industry. In showbiz it's very important to maintain a sense of normalcy for children, but also protect their interests, finances, and most importantly their innocence and happiness. Parents must understand that it takes a lot of hard work to pursue a career in show business, and that the task should not be forced on the child, but based on their desire to express themselves through performance. The integrity of our company and talent is the most important asset that we possess and under no circumstances will we objectify either.

We develop and manage kids of all ages in the midwest & nationwide, so feel free to submit your information on our contact us page.