New Headphones use high-end Swiss watchmaking as inspiration   British-Swiss creators ‘TECA’ have just launched the Luzli Roller MK1 bespoke headphones. With excellent sound and handcrafted details each headphone is customised for its owner.  
“Each ROLLER MK1 Headphone is hand made in Switzerland, each one is therefore unique and has a serial number engraved” says Andrew Lee the inventor.  
The Roller MK1 Batch Production Hand Crafted on-ear headphones combine refined precision engineering and design with a unique patented rolling mechanism which makes these headphones small enough to fit in your pocket or purse.    
These headphones have the quality and attention to detail you would expect from Swiss craftsmanship and indeed were inspired by high quality Swiss watches which are both an expression of portable luxury and durable enough to last for generations.  
Launched this year the headphone has been awarded the Red Dot award