Tame Your Inner Demons is an Author / Blog business that currently includes one book, Demontown by LW Clay.

We also produce one blog (Untitled). In this blog, we focus on the rise of Mental Illness in America. Depression is the most prevalent brain illness, representing 99% of all psychiatric illnesses. Millennials have maintained a status of "most depressed" for their age for quite some time now. We all have Inner Demons of some kind; depression, anxiety, alcoholism, bipolar, phobias, addiction.

Social Media seems to be a divider -- a separator of people, instead of bringing people together, it is bringing loneliness into the lives of people that might never had experienced that without social media. People turn to their phones or their iPads instead of to each other for things to do. Words with Friends instead of Scrabble. Game night is out, unless it involves each person at their own home in their pajamas, positioned in front of a screen, playing Internet Multiple Player games, but what can we do about it? Get rid of Social Media?

It is our goal to fight the Stigma of mental illness, so that the one in five known people suffering from some form of mental illness in any given year are not pressured into feeling worse about themselves, or into not getting help at all. It's probably more like one in four or one in three, with the unreported cases, there's really no way we can know. So, we spread awareness of the different forms of mental illness and share stories that show normal people have problems, and that's ok. We could almost call it normal with the number of people experiencing Mental Illness these days.

DEMONTOWN by LW Clay, is our first book. It relates the everyday Inner Demons we might share or see on the street or in the coffee house, as it plays out in a murder mystery case in a fictional town in northern Michigan. DEMONTOWN can be purchased from any store that sells books. It is available is Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, and eBook, with Audio coming in the future.

LW Clay also has a blog where these types of Inner Demons are expressed, discussed, and excised in ways that laypersons can deal with them. Such blog topics as "Why are people so defensive in the world today", and "I guess that's why they call it the Holiday Blues". You can find this blog at lwclay.com/blog . The web page also has a few easter eggs hidden around it for those wanting to get involved with the community. One easter egg can be found by following the link in Instagram at @AuthorLWClay

We at Tame Your Inner Demons are always looking for ways to serve people. We look forward to adding to our goods and services in the future to bring satisfaction and gratitude to the world.