LXDX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform built to significantly improve the quality of execution for all users. Members of our exchange get every benefit of our retail exchange product (LX) and also get access to infrastructure combining the benefits of algorithmic smart routing and dark pool trading. The platform is built to the requirements of professionals with the mandate of bringing these features to everyday traders. Our exchange is a radical departure from the incumbent solutions: LX is built from scratch in highly optimized C++, the architecture is hosted on our own hardware in primary market data centers such as SG1, and the engineering and policy have both been approached with the gravitas of industry professionals.

We bring a firm commitment to fairness and transparency — beyond just policy at the exchange, we facilitate routing orders to other venues when their prices are superior. We don’t market make on our own platforms. We work with regulators in every jurisdiction in which we operate. We go beyond all licensing and market  surveillance requirements.

LXDX is the product of a team with decades of technical and market experience who are committed to bringing the quality of traditional financial exchanges to crypto.

LXDX is the crypto derivatives exchange. We give you access to institutional liquidity with products you can’t get anywhere else.