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We understand that you have lots of doubts when it comes to selecting a catering service for your special occasion. As experienced hospitality professionals & caterers in kolkata, we offer you an easy, flexible and cost-effective approach for all your catering Service requirements. As every event is different than the others, we at La Fiesta catering services begin by discussing every details of any event and making note of every small requirement you have, thus it becomes much imperative for us to ask you questions about your preferences for food & beverage, regional & international Cuisines, your guests list and their food habit based on their age and geographical location etc.etc. what we strongly believe that serving a lip-smackingly delicious food in any wedding catering of social or Corporate event catering is just the most basic part of Outdoor catering service (or Food & Beverage Service as whole), the real expertise lie, as professional caterers in kolkata, in creating a delightful experience for all your invited guests Whether you require a simple high-tea buffet for corporate events or a party at home or a fully served banquet for your wedding catering,

Why Choose La Fiesta Catering Services ?

Our highly skilled Chefs & Service personnels are mostly trained form 5 star hotels & as a trained hospitality professionals, Team La Fiesta catering service strongly believe that service to guests is service to God, That’s why we take utmost care in every details of food preparations & Food & beverage service that includes selection of premium quality freshest ingredients to feeding the last guest of your party to heart’s content with most personalized care & service

As Food being the most important part of every celebration, La fiesta catering services will give your wedding feast a culinary twist. We are one of the best caterers in Kolkata that not only take pride in customizing and handcrafting your menu but also serve up a riot of flavors to please your guests’ palates. we can provide anything from a bespoke VIP lunch at your place of work through to a large Bengali wedding.

We are one of the best caterers in Kolkata and we provide food & beverage service of the highest possible standard for the wedding reception catering, birthday party catering, social events catering, corporate events catering and army dinner event, The list is endless.

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