As we get older, the body’s process of regenerating new skin cells slows
down. LaRocca Skincare products are formulated to support and speed up
the skin’s natural processes by incorporating clinically proven science and
natural bioactive ingredients that repair, nourish and protect skin from the
harsh environment. We travel around the world to find new innovations and
age-old natural ingredients that are of the highest quality and come from
ethical manufacturing practices.
The LaRocca Skincare Collection contains revolutionary and exclusive
Cellular Gold Complex, which is made with 24K Colloidal Gold to promote
electron transfer with the metal ions naturally found in the skin, stimulating
cell turnover. Together with ingredients including Fulvic Acid, Hyaluronic
Acid, stabilized Vitamin-C, Peptides and Encapsulated Bioactives, LaRocca
products encourage cell regeneration, help minimize the signs of aging and
leaves your skin smooth and rejuvenated with a youthful glow.
LaRocca Skincare products are biodegradable and we do not use synthetic
fragrances, mineral oil, DEA, TEA, parabens, PABA, urea, phthalates, nylon,
aluminum or animal derived ingredients.
We are as mindful of the environment as we are of your skin. We respect
the need to reduce our environmental footprint in all of the products and
packaging that we develop. We achieve this by using glass components, by
maximizing the use of post-consumer recycled materials and SFI and FSC
certified papers, by using materials that are recyclable, and by designing our
packaging so that the individual parts can be separated for recycling.