La Sorogeeka goes beyond regular interior design solution to offer glorious design pieces of interior furniture which  are been inspired from old rich culture of India. Working with heritage designs and blending it modish style of today is the expertise of this brand. An exceptionally talented team of designer, architect, highly skilled craftsmen and artisans work together to deliver unique concept and design that sets the firm apart as one of the world’s leading designer brand. Established by the vibrant CEO Anjali Goel in the year 1988 says that her design philosophy is based on the belief that beauty in design must not only be seen but also felt. Read More:- http://www.lasorogeeka.com/

With La Sorogeeka’s designer furniture pieces bring an exquisite touch to your interiors. The furniture designs are reflective of opulence and richness set against contemporary backdrop.  These furniture pieces are crafted in different styles like in wood and leather strips against a sapphire blue gold furniture color scheme.

The brand designs unusual shapes of the furniture which is the new look for 2015 as square and rectangle gets replaced by trillion shapes. Recently this luxury interior lifestyle and furniture brand unveiled its new collection ‘’ Charcoal Mystery”. This collection has brought a style marked with the most refined and aesthetic creations that have a global appeal to it. The collection can be viewed at La Sorogeeka’s showroom in DLF Emporio.

Expert designers at La Sorogeeka spend time with the clients to evaluate the lifestyle, personal style and the intend functionality of each area. This helps the team to understand the taste and preferences of the clients and offer them the interior furniture and interior design services that they had dreamt of. The designing team at La Sorogeeka always thrives to give their clients something new and fresh which has a personal touch that will compliment their lifestyle and personality.

La Sorogeeka has also launched its new showroom in Dubai which represents the splendid pieces of furniture that reflects the style and scheme of the world around. Now those who are in love with interior design and art, living in Middle East can also experience the extravagance of La Sorogeeka’s style.