Hands-On Labs, Inc. designs, develops, produces, and distributes LabPaqs in Denver, Colorado.  These unique, academically aligned collections of science materials allow college and high school students to safely and effectively perform course specific laboratory assignments anytime and anywhere.  Science educators adopted a course specific LabPaq much like they do a textbook and assign it to their students in the course syllabus. Students go to www.labpaq.com, order the assigned LabPaq online and it is shipped directly to them. The company owners are retired college professors - Linda Jeschofnig, M.S. and Peter Jeschofnig, Ph.D., who pioneered the new field of single student, single use LabPaqs.  The company evolved from a chemistry kit they developed in 1994 for their Colorado Mountain College students.  Dr. Jeschofnig is also the founder of the Institute for Excellence in Distance Science Education (IEDSE), a non profit organization dedicated to enriching distance science education.