Following our research enquiries initially via Twitter regarding the #LabourLost campaign work has been ongoing on the idea to seed the campaign and an associated site.

The initial idea was to post via Twitter a series of Tweets containing the hashtag #labourlost and citing real examples (fair and factual) using all streams of media from the left through to the right that get the point across that Labour have lost the faith, the understanding, the trust, the right to govern etc

The Twitter account @LabourLost will also be used to RT some or all of these Tweets thereby gaining further exposure for the campaign. The campaign is not partisan, it is not conjecture it is not slanted to any side, it is purely to inform and educate the public in the failings of the PLP during the past 12 years so that they have a fair chance of another avenue to explore their conscience prior to the general election.

The campaign will run throughout the forthcoming by-elections and at least up to the General Election.

To that ends the invitation to write a guest blog post will also extended to Labour, Liberal Democratic, and any other political affiliated supporters including the general public following the launch.

The date 1st October was chosen to launch as it sees the last day of the Labour Party conference and would be a good chance to hit back with specific #labourlost inaccuracies that may have been cited during the conference.

The campaign will not be slanderous in anyway, it is intended to be entirely factual with at least 80% of posts containing links to relevant statements or claims made (and not just to Tory friendly press).

The basic premise behind the Tweets will be (and you and the general public will be invited to cite examples):
#LabourLost the public’s trust when they failed to keep their 2005 manifesto promise not to raise taxes http://bit.ly/rm9Zs

After consultation with a number of Twitterers, (names redacted) thank you:

I decided to enhance the original vision and spread the idea of the campaign to an associated Web site that would show ALL #labourlost Tweets, host guest blog posts citing examples of how #labourlost the…and to get the public on-board, get them to Tweet their own examples of the failing PLP with the #labourlost hashtag and keep the pressure on. Some of these Tweeters will be invited to feature within the associated Website too (in a manner to be decided as yet).

The Website address is http://www.LabourLost.org

So what do we need from you?

I would very much appreciate a post from yourself, there is NO word limit but ideally minimum of 250 words (with correctly obtained images if you have them if not we have a number of generic images to be utilised). Please include relevant hyperlink within the text.

The subject is entirely of your own choice but as a starter for now I have labelled the following categories (perhaps you slot into one of the following: more can be easily added so do not feel you have to pigeonhole into one of these):

Crime/Education/Europe/Economy/Housing/Immigration/In-fighting/International Affairs/News/Scandal/Sleaze/Smear Campaigns/Taxation/Transport/Twitter/Video

There is no limit to the number of contributions you may wish to offer to LabourLost either and we are extremely grateful for any help you can provide.

All I do ask is that you are fair and factual, please stick to the point of your #labourlost example and use this unique opportunity to inform and educate to expose the failings of this ineffectual Government.

Thank you