SAN DIEGO, Calif. — April 1, 2009 — Ladedo Visual Concepts' supplier, Exponents, Inc. has won a Buyer’s Choice Award for its new Glide™ portable exhibit system. The award was presented at the recent EXHIBITOR2009 Conference in Las Vegas. Buyer’s Choice Awards recognize the trade show industry’s best new products.  Glide was the only portable exhibit system to be honored at this year’s Exhibitor Show.

Glide is a low-cost system with an unusual oval-shaped background that’s sure to stand out from the crowd. But just as important, it’s the first portable exhibit that was designed to support a large-screen LCD monitor.

According to Exponents’ president Bruce Backer, trade show graphics are quickly moving from printed backdrops to digital content. However, most portable exhibits are unable to support a 36" LCD monitor – one that is large enough to dramatically communicate an exhibitor’s main message.

“The Glide system solves this problem,” said Backer. “It’s the first portable exhibit that treats video presentations as a key component of the booth, instead of an afterthought.”

The Glide system’s 8-foot tall tower not only holds the video monitor and a shelf, but also provides integrated locking storage. Mounted to the sides of the tower is the large oval background banner, illuminated by compact fluorescent edge lighting or optional LED lighting. For a more conventional look, a rectangular backdrop is available.  Models that support simple graphic overlays, shelving slatwall, and computer workstations are available, too.

Set-up time is only 30 minutes and an entire 10'x10' exhibit fits into a single rolling roto-molded case. A 10'x20' configuration is available, with the banner extending between two 8' tall towers. The larger configuration packs into two rolling cases.

The Glide system is an environmentally responsible exhibit. Lightweight and recyclable materials, recycled finishes and banner, LED and fluorescent lighting all ensure a small carbon footprint.

The Glide system starts at less than $4,300 and typically ships within 5 to 10 working days, depending on laminates and graphics. The system is available for purchase or rent.

“It’s the right system for the times,” said Backer. “It’s affordable, environmentally friendly, easy to set up, supports large screen video and has an unusual look that is sure to get attention on the exhibit floor.”

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