NomSense Ltd is a gourmet food producer and supper club host. The first stage of setting up the business has been to host supper clubs from home. Initially we were running one a month but as interest has increased we have upped this to two a month. The ethos of our supper club is to bring people who don't know each other together around a shared table to have a meal that offers dishes that you wouldn't ordinarily see on a restaurant menu. Because of this we don't restrict ourselves to one type or style of food and every event has a different theme. We're dedicated to using locally sourced seasonal produce because of the importance of supporting our local community as well as delivering on flavour.

The business is in its very early stages but I plan to increase our range of services to include cooking lessons, dinner party hosting, a range of produce and a nutrition education programme for schools. The ultimate goal is to be able to set up a cookery school that offers informal training for home cooks.