LadyPlans' mission is to enable women to optimize and take control of their time, empowering them through technology and women-specific content. We develop simple solutions, leveraging technology, to help them manage their daily life and free up time.

Based on ready­-made lists of events and tasks, as well as a content specifically designed for women, LadyPlans allows women to manage a large range of events and checklists (e.g.: holidays, birthday, celebrations). The app is particularly useful for busy women who plan a lot on their mobile phones during down times (e.g.: morning commute, breaks at work, watching a movie in the evening), for themselves and their loved ones (e.g.: working moms). Using LadyPlans, women can save time typing less, anticipate more the events they want to plan and actually focus more on the events they have planned.

LadyPlans 4 key features are:
- EVENT-MAKERS to quickly add ‘one shot’ events into their calendar through ready-made lists events for themselves, their children, their household and their partner (e.g.: doctor booking, shop groceries, etc.)
- PLANNERS to easily anticipate and plan events requiring preparation with an intuitive backward approach. Based on the date of the event they want to plan, they select preparatory events, adjust dates and add all entries in the calendar at once (e.g.: birthday, Christmas, Father's day, Valentine's day, Baby shower, etc.)
- CHECKLISTS to track items through ready-made and customized checklists. Checklists can be attached to the events in the calendar.
- CALENDAR with 4 views (list, week, month and year) and that can be synced with iCloud, Outlook exchange and Google calendar