My name is India and I am an independent, self-taught artist. My art is ethereal and otherworldly. I create youthful figures with captivating eyes and the scenery I depict reveals the logic of dreams. I want to share this collection of overflowing joy and transient sadness, for within this web of emotions lies a world full of beauty. Through my art you will meet me, and perhaps even discover parts of yourself, as you take in the colour, form and mediums which have coalesced into a unique entity.

I created the alluring name of Lady Spider due to a series of dreams, which in itself unravels the narrative of the stories I weave with my work. Many of my paintings have come about because of the dreams and visions I have seen - I am at my best when the creativity intuitively moves through me.

I choose the names of my artwork from inspiring or beautiful songs, usually of Japanese origin, and from my own private musings, which I sometimes also translate into Japanese, for I am fascinated by the language and it somehow feels very safe and familiar to me. You will find that most of my original characters do not have names, for a name holds the imprint of the soul; something which I want you to take part in creating. Like an invisible Spider's etheric thread of connection, a relationship is formed when you decipher my work - the art is not fully complete until you have received its message.

My wish to you is that you enjoy the beauty I create with the depths of your being and that it encourages you to express yourself with love as I do...by being yourself.