The Lagstein Law Firm is a personal injury firm representing clients in Los Angeles and throughout California and Nevada.  A personal injury accident or car accident can be a terrible experience and can disrupt life in many ways.  Some victims have permanent disabilities while others may require long-term medical treatment and rehabilitation before returning to work.  Mr. Lagstein is experienced in dealing with insurance companies and familiar with the tactics used to avoid payment of claims and intimidate accident victims.  He understands medical conditions and treats his clients with compassion.  Knowledge of insurance companies and confidence in dealing with them helps his ability to represent clients aggressively.  Mr. Lagstein is fluent in English, Hebrew, and the attorneys can assist clients in Spanish and Greek as well.  The firm is dedicated to helping victims of car or personal injury accidents receive the maximum and fair monetary compensation they deserve for their injuries and suffering.  You can learn more about the firm and attorneys at http://www.losangeles-personalinjuryattorney.com.