Natural, holistic dog food using the most natural, healthy ingredients. Developed by George Burns with passion and principle for caring and thinking dog owners who want the best for their dogs!
No chemical colours, flavours or preservatives. Your dog deserves the best in nutrition and at Land Of Holistic Pets we strive using ingredients sourced directly from the human food industry. Whole grain brown rice serves as the basis of our dogs diets but we need to balance the extremes of any one ingredient and therefore use a combination of whole grains, vegetables and proteins to maximise the nutritional value of each diet and thus the health and vitality of your dog.

Itchy skin, waxy ears, runny eyes, chewing feet, anal gland problems, hyperactivity or lacking energy are all things of the past in your dog. Digestive problems such as colitis, Irriatble bowel syndrome or even occasional loose stools in your dog can be a thing of the past.