When you look to buy a new piece of land or a new house then there will be a series of searches that need to be completed. This is to cover the buyer from potential problems with the basics of the purchase, including risk and insurance. There are thousands of homes in the UK that have problems with shrinking clay, and this could potentially costs thousands to repair, if at all possible.

Ex-coal mining sites have their own risks too, and if you are buying land then this needs to be checked. Traditionally, a land surveyor or solicitor (during the offer process) would charge alot of money for this. The GreenLightReport.co.uk will exopse these hazards before this expensive search is entered in to.

For under £30 the Green Light Report will offer a basic land survey and help you avoid the fall out from all the issues, and also areas with high levels of Radon gas, Geo Hazards and also local flood plains.