The International Laser Tag Association (ILTA) was incorporated in 1996 and is the non-profit developer and operator association for the laser tag industry. We strive to help our members become better informed through our research, services, and communications with all levels of the industry. The ILTA has two types of memberships, the Developer Members and Operator Members.

The ILTA can help our Developer Members by providing industry statistics gathered through countless hours of research and verification. We also provide recommendations on projects based on the information we've gathered in communication with our Operator Members and the manufacturers of the laser tag equipment. This ensures that our Developers stand the best chance of opening as long as their project specifications are within industry standards. A list of all of our Developer Member Benefits are located at www.lasertag.org/products/developer.html.

We also help our Operator Members by providing a number of benefits and discounts to help them save money and make additional revenue. The most popular programs we provide are our Where to Play Laser Tag Listing Pages (www.lasertag.org/where.html), where every member gets their own individual listing page, our Insurance Program (www.lasertaginsurance.com), and our Credit Card Program. A number of suppliers are also willing to give our members discounts on their products. A full list of Operator Member benefits can be found at www.lasertag.org/operator.html.

The ILTA has also developed a website to help the entrepreneur who is still deciding if laser tag is right for their market, www.lasertagstartup.com. This website is the best way to get the industry information without having to take advantage of the ILTA's Developer Member Services. Members of that website can upgrade to the Developer Membership at a discounted rate once they decide to proceed further with their projects.