Launching Labs Marketing is a full-service digital marketing and design agency offering branding, web design, and marketing with a consultative approach. Designed to unleash your business and guide its growth, we start with logo and website design followed by marketing and PR to increase awareness, recognition, and sales. We help startups and small to medium businesses establish or grow recognition of their organization. Serving a wide range of industries including technology, non-profit, lifestyle, health, and apparel, we can immerse into your organization to help determine your biggest marketing needs. Founded in Boulder, CO, Launching Labs services clients nationwide and can fill the gaps missing in internal teams.

We work with startups, entrepreneurs, founders, and growing companies to provide the following services:

•     WordPress Website Design
•     Website Support & Maintenance
•     Web & Marketing Copywriting
•     Branding
•     Graphic Design Brand Documents (business cards, letterhead, social media graphics)
•     Digital & Print Ad Design (magazine, newspaper, handouts)
•     Product Photography (books, merchandise, live animals)
•     Merchandise Design
•     Project Management
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Website development
Our approach to website development weaves your authentic company story throughout your whole site. We do this through consistent graphic content and written messaging. Launching Labs will work with you and your team to develop a unique voice throughout your site and highlight the most important things for your audience to know upfront. Our deep experience in graphics and writing supports your target audience and brings them back to your website. At Launching Labs, we excel in both content and graphic design to ensure your customer explores your website. Whether you are a B2B, B2C, personal brand, or selling a product, we focus on incorporating your unique story into every page of your website to make sure that customers get a feel for your business. We work with you on building the right website for your organization, writing compelling content, and can photograph your business and product to make sure your company shines.

Logo Design & Branding
A good logo is the key to a good business. It is your calling card and will resonate with your target audience and bring instant recognition. Your logo should represent your business in a clear and memorable way. Starting with a good logo from day one will ensure that you won't have to redo it down the road. Our founder began her career in hat design and worked with thousands of logos—likely more than most graphic designers. Her graphic vision helps lead companies toward their unique logo. After meeting with clients to discover what they are looking for in a logo, we give companies several options to choose from -- not just variations of the same design, each supporting the company goals. From the logo development, color, and font choice we focus on creating a strong brand that will resonate with your customer and market.

Many companies struggle or fail because of convoluted or confusing messaging and branding. This is where Launching Labs can help. Your story is valuable and different from anyone else’s. We dig in and flesh out what you provide, who your audience is, and what face you want to put forward to the world.

Consistency is important, so your message will need to have a similar voice on the website, social media, news releases, flyers, brochures, marketing, and tradeshow materials. Whether you are a corporate, product, or personal brand, clear and consistent messaging will help to move the needle and resonate with customers on every platform. We start by focusing on where you are as a company and where you will be if you “win”. Keeping your messaging consistent throughout the life of your company will keep people coming back.