Castle Baths was founded in 2005 by Laura Thomas, a top breeder of Persian cats who at the time had just published her book, “How to Have Purr-fect Faith, Even at a Cat Show.” To market the book, she began offering it with a container of natural bath salts, scented in a meditative blend of essential oils. The blend became so popular that she eventually decided to open Castle Baths with the mission of providing health-conscious women and men with top-quality spa, skin care, and bath products made from organic, natural ingredients. As one might guess from Laura’s book title, Castle Baths is a Christian company, and strives to live God’s word, and use what God gave us to keep us at our best. All Castle Baths products bear a scripture verse on their labels. We offer full lines of spa and skin care products, beauty products, bath products, one-of-a-kind spa gift baskets, and bath products for pets, all of which are handmade and hand-packaged with the utmost attention to detail. Our products are handmade daily, and are so natural they’re edible, though your taste buds may disagree.