Founder Laurelle Rethke has been using nature’s medicine for over 25 years. From crystals, essential oils, sound and movement to energy healing, meditation and astrology—she is most well known for her work with crystals—drawing upon her studies from five different crystal healing lineages and teaching about the metaphysical use of stones since 2009. Known as a spiritual alchemist, bridge-builder and crystal maven, Laurelle utilizes her experience and knowledge to bring in new understanding on health and healing. She believes that our relationship with the natural world is key to connecting us to ourselves and All That Is.

Teacher, speaker, author, personal growth consultant and vibrational healing therapist, every modality Laurelle works with is intended to empower her clients to be their most connected and present self, for when we are individually at our most whole, so is the world. Her first full book "Connecting with Crystals: Crystal Wisdom and Stone Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit" is a full-color guide to over 250 crystals with a substantial opening chapter covering working with crystals for healing and empowerment. It is published on the Castle Point imprint for St. Martin's Press.

A certified master of Crystology, Laurelle additionally holds certificates in energy healing, Source Awareness meditation, essential oils, and Western astrology. She has studied aromatherapy with David Crow, Zhineng Medical Qigong with Master Jianshe Liu, Classical Chinese Stone Medicine with Jeffrey Yuen, sound healing with Fabien Maman, and voice and movement with master teachers in their fields. On a spiritual path for most of her life, she has studied a plethora of meditation and energy healing modalities for many years. Laurelle is also a reverend through the Universal Life Church (featured in the award-winning documentary “Married & Counting…”), and performs ceremonies for life events and nature-centered celebrations.

Based in New York City, Laurelle travels throughout the country to speak and teach workshops (including Crystal Healing Certifications since 2017), and can be seen and heard frequently as a guest on podcast and internet talk shows, and occasionally on television and radio programs. Her vibrational healing therapy and private consultation business began in 2009, and her crystal and teaching venue The Faerie Den was born from that in 2011.