An artist, an entrepreneur, an established business person, Laurel Anderson started a small souvenir company producing hand painted clothing items twenty-five years ago in Costa Rica. That business has expanded to working with interior decorators, home owners and hotel designers with quality hand made, hand painted canvas rugs and interior decor items including: curtains, area rugs, covers for pillows and cushions and wall hangings.

With her artistic flair and design, she has discovered  working with professionals in the design field is a rewarding aspect of her business.  Interior designers and decorators here have found the canvas rugs, also known as floor cloths, something new in Costa Rica, a medium that allows for creative design in making an unique aspect for their clients' homes and businesses.

Having married and raised a family in Costa Rica in the central valley and along the Caribbean coast, Laurel has watched the country change over the past twenty five years. When mostly back packers first arrived, she was a leading pioneer in sewing and painting the flora and fauna of the country on t-shirts and beach cover-ups. Thereafter, she expanded into hand painted canvas bags, travelling throughout the country supplying boutique hotels and souvenir shops with her goods.

Laurel now divides her time working on her farm in the Central Valley, where her studio is located, and running this new aspect of her business. Never one to rest on her laurels...she learned about making canvas rugs through a friend and knew this would be her new medium.

The canvas rugs, as the website explains, are all hand made; she has trained local young women to sew, prep and finish the rugs, however, it is her hand that does the drawing, design work and painting.  Her designs and color experimentation continue to develop; working more and more with interior designers for high end homes and hotels, keeps this savvy business woman expanding her artistic talents.