Lauren Manufacturing, a Lauren International company, specializes in solving simple to highly complex engineering and manufacturing problems for customers around the globe in need of outstanding sealing solutions.  From providing state-of-the-art polymer products across diverse markets, to providing design engineering and manufacturing, business and IT support, logistics and more, Lauren has evolved from the gasket supplier of early years to a sophisticated, strategic business supply-partner. The variety and quality of products and services the company offers has earned it recognition internationally for exceptional diversity in delivering on its promise as a problem-solver and a solution-provider. Lauren’s patented products and processes include iDea™ Seal technology for Innovative Design Engineering Applications and Fluorolast™ a line of viton-based fluoroelastomer coatings for harsh or corrosive application needs.
For more information, visit the company website at www.lauren.com or call 800-683-0676. To learn more about Lauren Manufacturing’s parent company, Lauren International, and its other subsidiaries, visit www.laureninternational.com.