Lauren Skye - author of “Spiritual Amnesia: A Wake-Up Call to What You Really Are” - is the founder of the Inner Connection Institute, a Colorado non-profit organization, and a professional meditation facilitator and spiritual development educator. Skye also offers private intuitive reading and energy healing sessions combining a variety of modalities to effect healing and change. As a writer, teacher, speaker, energy healer, clairvoyant reader, and non-denominational minister Skye has been changing lives since 1994. Her other published books include, “Believing Is Seeing:  Essays on the Human Journey.” Her many expert guest appearances include The History Channel’s “Haunted History: The Rockies” (under her former name, Lori Clouden), HDNet’s “Across America” and a University of Denver student project, “The Infinite Reality.” In addition, she hosted “Inner Connection,” a community television program, for four years. To learn more about Lauren Skye and the Inner Connection Institute, visit www.laurenskye.com.