Lawn Rite is a nation wide lawn mowing franchise based in New Zealand, Lawn Rite provides regular mowing services as well as a wide range of garden care services to its clients. Our key services are, lawn mowing, hegde trimming, gardening, rubbish removal, tree trimming, weed control and fertilisation and odd jobs. Your local Lawn Rite franchise is your local property manitenance expert.

Lawn Rite's Services:

Lawn mowing
We built our reputation on great lawn mowing! You won't find a better service anywhere.

Hedges require regular care to look their best. Leave the hard and sometimes high work to us.

Section Tidies
We have the muscle and the equipment to turn any jungle back into a haven!

Tree Trimming
Our specialist tree trimming service ensures the health and beauty of your trees and garden.

Water blasting
We can get your decks, paths or driveways looking great and feeling safe again.

All our services can be tailored to commercial needs and the level of presentation required.