Founded in 2011, a web designer had an idea to mix a band of available talent to put together a website dedicated to helping homeowners improve their living spaces both aesthetically and ecologically.
Our resident writer and Zen-Master has extensive gardening experience going back to when she was a young girl learning from her grandfather. She's considered a gardening specialist and a regular contributor to a number of gardening sites on the web and in gardening books and we are lucky to have her with LawnZenGarden.
Her husband provides sourcing, logistics and Web marketing operations with a vast retail background that includes product marketing and merchandizing. Both husband and wife have an extensive internet history.
The other half of our dual husband-wife team seemed to exquisitely compliment the other's talents.
The wife has a number of handy business related skills including business administration and finance degrees and extensive experience in technical operations. Her wide-ranging talents give us a solid base for the business operations of LawnZenGarden. Better yet, she's always considered gardening to be “a Zen thing.”
Her husband completes the team with an extensive history in the lawn and garden industry. He also brings marketing communications, graphics, web design, development and search engine optimization experience to get our message out to the masses.
Together they formed Quazis Diggers, the parent company of LawnZenGarden. Quazi Modo was a German shepherd, Husky and Collie mix. The other parents owned a Golden Retriever at the same time named Digger. Both have been gone for a while, but in a particularly creative moment, Quazis Diggers became an endearing entity.