Manufactures products for hi-purity hi-psi air & gases. Specializing in breathing gases such as divers breathing-air, fireman breathing-air, nitrox,  CNG for vehicles, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Purification of high-pressure air & gas. 2,000 to 20,000psi
Analysis of highly purified air & gas. Analysis conducted in lab or remotely.
Spare parts for hi-pressure compressors. Products fit major brand compressors.

MARKETS SERVED: Scuba Diving, Fire Brigades, Paintball, Defense, CNG Vehicle, and Medical Air.

FACTORY LOCATIONS:  Miami Florida USA and Singapore. US factory contact 305-430-0550

MAIN WEBSITES: www.5000PSI.com or www.330BAR.com,

DIVISION WEBSITES: www.Compressor-Parts.com, www.Air-Analysis.com