Peter Strojnik, P.C., is a Phoenix, Arizona lawfirm.  Mr. Strojnik graduated in 1980 from Arizona State University and has spent the last 29 years handling commercial cases and in particular insurance cases on behalf of the insureds whose claims have been unjustly denied, lowballed, or otherwise mishandled by the insurance companies.  Mr. Strojnik is also a licensed insurance public adjuster.  The lawfirm is designed and geared toward assuring that the insured homeowners and business owners obtain the full benefit of their bargain.  Homeowners and business owners who have been paying timely and expensive insurance premiums are entitled to rely on a timely and full payment by the insurance company when disaster strikes.

In the past, the insured could reasonably expect the insurance company to lowball a property claim by 10-15%.  Those days are gone.  We are currently (as of 2009) handling a case where the insurer lowballed the insured by 230% - from the insurance company appraisal of $281,104.69 to the actual Appraisal Award of $650,529.91 – a difference of $369,425.22! This is what we refer to as “Insurance Industry’s New Lowball Scheme”.

Here is what every business and homeowner should do:  You should maintain a current photographic and documentary inventory of every piece of personal and real property, every piece of inventory, machinery, tools of the trade, down to a paperclip and a half used jar of Skippy’s peanut butter in the fridge.  Remember, if you do not have the proof, the insurer will not pay! If you do – and you have a lawyer/adjuster on your side – they will pay for the paperclip and they will pay for the half used jar of Skippy’s peanut butter!

The lawfirm considers all aspects of coverage, including dwelling (or building) coverage, separate coverage, loss of use, personal property coverage, additional living expenses coverage, miscellaneous coverages (trees, shrubs, landscaping, debris removal, etc), inventory, important documents, information losses, and all other aspects of coverage.  In his capacity as the adjuster, Mr. Strojnik has the ability to act quickly and efficiently in the inventory and pricing process, packout and storage.  The firm has the ability to immediately conduct an adequate investigation of the loss, recommend alternative housing or business locations, restoration services and any other service that may come up.

We have experience in insurance matters, we understand the insurance company’s mindset, we are familiar with the psychology of a loss, and we have the financial ability to take on the insurer if the insurer fails to abide by the terms of the insurance policy.