If you have ever had a legal issue, but felt like consulting a lawyer would be too costly or difficult, now we have a solution.  By harnessing the power of group membership we can provide you with complete access to the legal system for about ONE DOLLAR A DAY!!  

Your basic membership includes:
- Consultation with our network of lawyers on unlimited issues.
- Letters written from your attorney on your behalf!!
- Accumulation of In-Court Legal Defense (up tp 335 hours!!)
- Document and contract review
- Complimentary Living Will ($500 value!)
- Access to over 60,000 Legal Forms
- IRS AUDIT recovery assistance!!!
- Traffic violation representation
- Discounted rates on ALL OTHER SERVICES!!!
- Much, much more!

Imagine being able to call a lawyer anytime you have an issue where you feel like you might be getting taken advantage of?  
- Ever bought or sold a home?
- Been overcharged at a repair shop?
- Perhaps your child is being mistreated at a daycare?
Now you can easily contact our legal network.  We'll quickly put you in touch with an attorney who specializes in your specific issue and discuss what your legal rights are.  Sometimes a simple letter from your lawyer will solve the problem.  But if it goes to court, your membership also includes in-court defense representation!!  

it's really an amazing program and we are so proud to be able to offer it.  Now every family in America has the ability to know their legal rights, and have a lawyer just a toll-free phone call away!!