We work with individuals, teams and groups to enable them to enhance the quality of their leadership and decisions in order to create high performance organisations. We do this using our core competencies of coaching, mentoring, facilitation and group action learning.

We incorporate a variety of approaches:

Executive Coaching - affecting change from the top - down. It is little wonder that we use a term like "the corporate jungle" to describe the experience that many executives have in their working world. Never have executives been under more pressure to deliver better results with fewer resources in a less supportive business environment.

Strategy - identifying what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, when it needs to be done and who needs to be accountable for getting it done.  Strategy and strategic thinking is the ability to eliminate the noise and focus on the critical issues.

Leadership development - leadership development includes succession planning and development, developing the ability to think and lead strategically, and creating an environment in which learning and development is accelerated.

Our vision is to work with a select group of high-achieving individuals and organisations in the creation of a culture of strategic leadership.  We dream of working with people and organisations that are willing to put in the hard work that it takes to really shoot the lights out and achieve success that they may only have dreamt of.

Our mission is to make a valued difference to everyone we meet and work with. We do this by respecting them, challenging and raising the quality of their thinking, broadening their alternatives, helping them to unlock their potential, and supporting them in their efforts to become all that they can become. to enable everyone we work with to achieve the greatness that is in them.

Our reason for getting up in the morning is to do this by enabling our clients to fully understand their challenges and objectives and the areas in which they need to develop; by challenging their assumptions and raising the quality of their thinking; by broadening their options, and helping them to achieve self-mastery.

What we value above all:

We believe that we are all multi-dimensional human beings who function best when we pay attention to becoming effective in all aspects of our lives.

Quality Relationships:
Everything we do and achieve is with and through people. We all achieve more and live more effectively when our relationships are healthy.

Leadership Courage:
We understand that living and leading effectively requires that we take risks and demonstrate courage. This means we choose what appears to be right even if it may be at some risk.

Making a Difference:
We know that if we have not made a difference that our clients, colleagues and associates value, we have not served our mission. We believe that we all have a purpose in life, and that this purpose is to make a positive difference in the world.

Quality Thinking:
We know that quality decisions are the product of quality thinking. We are committed to continuously raising the quality of our own thinking, and to assisting our clients and associates to bring their best thinking to every decision-making situation.