Learning on the Log was founded in 2001 with weekend hikes providing sensory-based activities with an emphasis on strengthening social skills using the DIRĀ®/Floortime model.  We now service over 675 children yearly in our Afterschool, Enrichment Preschool, Weekend, and Summer Camp programs with activities such as: hiking, swimming, rock climbing, team sports, rafting, obstacle courses, and karate.  

Learning on the Log provides inclusive, experiential social skills therapy within recreational settings for children with developmental and sensory delays, including ASD, as well as, typically developing children.  Our mission is a relentless pursuit of our 3 core principles: INTERACT - Creating motivation to form relationships; RELATE - Building self-confidence through communication; COMMUNICATE - Expressing emotions within natural interactions.  We believe the supported practice and development of meaningful social skills enhances confidence and self-worth leading to success in other relationships.