Leda Security Products is regarded as Australia's leading manufacturer of "Perimeter Security" and "Vehicular Access Control" systems. With a comprehensive range of products we are able to supply and install either individual or fully integrated perimeter security systems.

Our experienced staff are available to assist you in finding solutions and we supply, install and maintain all our own equipment. Leda Security Products is an Australian owned company with our main manufacturing plant located at Tuggerah NSW. Sales and service offices are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Our comprehensive range of products include:

Securapost Bollards
Architectural and Security, Fixed, Retractable, Locking and Removable Models. Steel, stainless, timber, aluminium, concrete and plastic materials

Securagate Gates
High Security & Industrial, Cantilever, Track, Swing and BiFold.

Industrial and Security, Premier, Bastille and Palisade

Full and Half Height in a variety of finishes. Knockdown option.

Boom Gates
Automatic, Manual, Swing and Sliding.

Concrete Barriers
Jersey Barriers, Concrete Logs and Bollards and Planters.

Tyre Spikes
Automatic and manual models.

Road Blockers
Impact resistant road blockers.

Securabike Bicycle Parking
Racks, Rails, Lockers and Cages

Manual and Automatic Parking Space Protectors

Preventative Maintenance Contracts (PMC) for our automated equipment.

Specification to Commissioning
Specification - At the early stages of any project, the specifications need to be detailed. Leda Security Products are able to provide: 1. advice on our products and experience 2. written specifications for product 3. CAD drawings for site plans.

Design - All product is 3D modelled on solidworks. Each project is then custom drawn for manufacturing and installation when required. Our design team is also able to work with you in customising a new or existing product to meet your requirements. Engineering staff include both mechanical and electrical with close support from civil engineering sub contractors who Leda-Vannaclip have worked with for many years.

Manufacturing - Leda Security Products has extensive manufacturing facilities in both NSW and Victoria. WIth over 6000m2 our capacity constraints are not an issue as with smaller companies. Our internal manufacturing processes use MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) which also enables an effective QA system. We welcome existing and propective clients to visit by arrangement to gain a deeper understanding of our companies manufacturing capabilities.

Installation - The advantage of having Leda Security Products install is that there is no excuses for poor commissioning. We make what we sell which is unique in the security industry fro many products. Our installation staff are properly resourced, current on OHS, properly insured anf the experts in their field. Our methods quite often translate into less disruption to a site during installation.

Service - Service staff operate out of all Leda-Vannaclip offices. It is critical component to the long term operations of all the equipment we install. Extensive manuals, training and expertise ensure that our staff are able to provide effective preventative maintenance agreement or quick response to a service issue. It is highly recommended that a Securacare service and maintenance agreement be taken out for all automated or mechanically moving product.