There is no plan to just how or where this project will go. When I say there is no plan. That is not entirely correct. As I write, my main aim is to raise a huge amount of money to assist the oppressed, bullied, grief-stricken, frightened, citizens of Ukraine.

As each day goes by, more people are losing their lives, homes, businesses and serenity all because some power crazy, unhinged, evil and with apparently no limits, war criminal is allowed to get away with it. They want to obliterate Ukraine and Ukrainian identity and look more and more genocidal. I have visited Auschwitz. I have seen the results of genocide. It chilled me to the bone.

I fully understand why NATO can only do so much, but I also just wonder what the reaction would be if they called Putin’s bluff? Would he push the nuclear button? I doubt it. What I am fully sure of is Russia should be expelled from The United Nations with immediate effect.

The world is not doing enough or fast enough. With the greatest of respect to the people of Russia. You are being gaslighted. Just as Hitler applied the same tactic in the 1930s. Russia is a Pariah. An outcast.  

The West is dithering in its response to the continuous war crimes that Russia is committing. Should they be successful in Ukraine, do you think that they will stop there? On Thursday, March 24 we saw in Brussels all the members of the G7 preening themselves for the world’s media and made the following statement. Not good enough.

Poland is leading the way by trying to accommodate nearly 2M refugees and reiterated Friday, March 25 to hand over all its Mig-29 warplanes to The US. Sadly, (and this is with the greatest of respect to the great people of The US), we have a wet lettuce president in Joe Biden running the show over there.

This project is not about me, in any way, shape or form. However, I thought it would be courteous for you to know a bit about me.

There is a line in the song “Feel” by Robbie Williams, that goes ‘I don’t want to die, but I ain’t keen on living either”.

That sums up exactly how I feel at the time of writing and have felt that way for some time now. I have been gripped by persistent anxiety. I can’t eat, concentrate on a book or study and it takes me 3 hours to walk to the shop.

Anxiety is a killer. It renders me inoperable. I am lucky. I have a warm home. I live in a safe country. I have my family, friends and my dog. I have one tablet to be taken at night that gives me 8 hours respite then bang, It lives in me until the next tablet. but when taken into context, with what anxious thoughts Ukrainians feel right now, mine are light in comparison.

I found one salvation just over a year ago now. In the Abide APP in 14 months I have listened to over 700 meditations. I would be lost without it and it has calmed my mind and anxiety with its vast content on all different aspects of life. Life. Love. Depression. Anxiety. Grief. Love. Spirituality.

I am somehow just about managing to keep up with my study for my degree in Law and Criminology. It is what gives my life purpose. If I pass my exams in June then in October I will be in my final year. I cannot fail. I won’t fail. It is simply not an option.

I am also studying to gain a TEFL certificate to teach English. The former is just a personal goal. The latter opens up opportunities all over the world when I pass it in July at the very latest. Once qualified I will be able to help the people of Ukraine grasp a small piece of our complicated language enough for them to get by, as well as more general teaching of English all across the world.

Thanks to The Abide APP, I have found myself on the path to becoming a born again Christian. I look forward greatly to the morning meditation and the bedtime story. I would recommend it to anybody.

Tonight (April 12th), I took my medicine, listened to a few meditations, prayed for strength and if, by magic, I am awake and being productive addressing the main issue of importance in my life. In a nutshell, I believe this project is my calling from above.

I am writing this at 01;42 having spent all of yesterday gripped by this evil curse. However, I firmly believe that I have now been blessed by spiritual medicine. That is a strong desire to help and dispense help to the people of Ukraine. I have spent the past few weeks slowly putting together this crowdfunding page. I must have annotated it 100 times.

Let me be clear. I intend to turn it into a charity but that takes time. More time than it used to. It is therefore currently registered as a not for profit charity limited company and you can view the legal structure here. The process will now turn to registering it with the charity commission. I had to do it this way. I want to do things legally correct and be transparent with everyone