Left Hook is London's best kept secret.  For over 14 years, our authentic, spit-and-sawdust, real boxing gyms have been teaching, training and showcasing amateur and professional boxers.  Our clubs regularly feature in the press and have been voted in the top 50 gyms by Timeout for 2008.

Managed by boxers, our London clubs are like no other.  We provide ‘Boxing for All’ – for those who want to compete, for those who want to take on a new challenge, for those who want to learn the art and techniques of boxing and for those searching for an extreme workout.

Boxinglondon.co.uk and Left Hook were established 14 years ago by professional boxer Enzo Giordano and amateur boxer Oner Avara as a centre providing boxing for everyone – both for serious and amateur boxers to train and compete but also for men, women and youngsters wanting a new fitness regime or simply to learn the techniques and art of boxing.

Their commitment and dedication to the sport is evident. Highly respected by boxers, ‘London Boxing’ has continuously broken boundaries and received recognition and acclaim for its centres. Left Hook encompasses the philosophy of London Boxing but has taken it further, bringing boxing into the mainstream whilst still respecting the needs of serious boxers.

Oner and Enzo have created a balance and set the benchmark for other gyms to follow.  Their centres are outstanding and their vision is simple; to make boxing accessible to all, regardless of age, race, gender or background.