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As a full service Motion Picture Production Company, we feature video producers and directors with a track record of captivating approaches and award-winning results. With over 90 years of backing our entire production team has the mindset to listen to what you want, and the know-how to make it happen. With experienced personnel in many areas of Commercial Production, TV Production this means you get the best of all worlds.
We turn a good concept great, and make a great concept soar. Making our Production Company the best in the Las Vegas area.  We capture and hold audience's with our creativity, knowledge and skills. We promise to always entertain and stimulate the minds of the audience. We use Hi-Def, SD, 4k and now 6k cameras among others, and with drones we create the amazing shots you need for your Special Event Taping, or all Video Production project(s).
Our company Produces, made for Television shows, Feature Films, Commercials, Documentaries of all types, Infomercials, Re-enactments, Legal Videos, Sports, News, Safety Videos and Corporate Videos. As for other production companies our ability to distribute to major Networks and  Theaters make Legacy Lenz Entertainment the most efficient source for any Production and Distribution Company.  We are proud to be members of N.P.A.A. National Performers Actors Association and U.S.F.R. United States Film Ratings as well as ties to the members of  National Theater Owners.

If you have your own project, Legacy Lenz Entertainment can assist you by renting our studio for your production also in post production. We distribute to theaters world wide and accommodate packages in many formats as needed, we got it covered.
Legacy Thespian Awards

The worlds newest and biggest award ceremony making home here in Las Vegas. The very first annual Legacy Thespian Awards will dominate the Oscars by true meaning.

There will be two other award ceremonies each year USFR Awards, and NPAA Awards that of which will become the new standard for world entertainment awards.  

Get involved in the community as we are for Las Vegas residents and local growth.

America's Killer Cops/Film/W
Rosie's American Dream/Film/K13
A Change of Hate/Film/W
350 Clicks/Film/W
Casted Away/Film/K13
Casted Away 2/Film/K13
Cops Doit Again/Film/W
Dead Mans Curve/Film/W
Building Blocks Again/Film/P.1/K13
Building Blocks/Film/K13
Interpreters Infidel/Film/W
President George Clinton Kennedy/Film/W
Second Earth/K13
The American/Film/W
American Killer Cops/Film/W
Triller 2/Film/P.2/W
Triller 3/Film/P.3/W
Triller 4/Film/P.4/W
Thug Mutts/Film/K-13
Vegas Badboys/Film/W
Vegas Loser/Film/W

Television/Completed or Planned or In-Production

Grill Possible

Big City Country

Americas Great Home Scape's

Changing Homelessness in America/TV/Docudrama/Reality

A Producers Life/Docudrama/Reality/TV Series

Designing Vegas/TV

Nevada Home Cooks/TV

Vegas Vets/TV/In-production

Life's A Drama/TV

702 LIVE/TV/Comedy

Vegas Heat/TV