The core values are wrapped around the idea of building a legacy for your family and business. The flagship presentation with Legacybuilders is about College Planning and how to help pay for your son or daughter to go to college without going broke or spending your life savings. Certified College Planning Relief Specialist and Late-Stage College Planning helps to teach parents how to lower their cost of attendance, lower their out of pocket expenses, increasing their financial aid eligibility, school selection, and more!
Other areas like: financing, banks, and taxes have sucked the life out of people that holds them back from actually getting ahead financially, the idea of creating your "self bank" is never so needed in America. The idea, backed with Christian principals, is to help people get empowered with their own finances by creating a safe, guaranteed program that will help pay off all debt within 10 years(including mortgage), saving for the future and changing their spending habits by principal based decisions.