We are dynamic and focused in our endeavour to fight injustice wherever it raises its ugly head.

We all  believe we are residing in a civilized society - and so we are. But injustice, vile its nature, proliferates in every sphere of life - the police, the judiciary, social services, politics etc. Which banker faced prosecution? Who paid the penalty for PPI mis-selling?

They can and do get it wrong and then the individual is helpless  - as money dictates the winner too often. With legal aid cutbacks, the individual, wronged and vulnerable, is hung out to dry. This is a gross injustice and intolerable. Human rights can often be a myth - an illusion. The poor can be squeezed out by the wealthy.

We step in wherever we can. We offer a free initial legal assessment from a legal adviser with considerable professional experience, and then, for a modest fee, we take counsel's opinion on the merits of the case with a view to proceeding on a no win no fee basis. It offers a solution to those who have a good legal claim to pursue or defend, but without taking a huge risk on costs. We therefore offer an alternative to legal  aid funding and a legal panel ready to step in  where others fear to tread. We are only interested in  helping you and your legal team win the case. We are about winning.