Legatum is a privately owned international investment organisation, whose primary focus is commercial investment in international equities and financial securities, and which also applies its investor’s expertise to a long-standing involvement in the sustainable development of communities around the globe.

Headquartered in Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates, the Legatum Group was founded in December 2006 following the demerger of the Sovereign Global group of companies which provided capital to companies and governments in various industry sectors worldwide since 1986.

Legatum’s mission is to maximise its absolute long-term return on investment in the global capital markets, while optimising capital allocation to promote sustainable human development and individual prosperity. The Group is composed of: Legatum Capital, Legatum Ventures; the Legatum Institute; the Legatum Center at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Legatum Foundation.

Legatum Capital is a private, value-conscious portfolio investor that manages a multi-billion dollar fund investing only proprietary capital in outstanding businesses with durable competitive advantages, with a special emphasis on global emerging markets.
Currently, Legatum Capital is significantly invested in India, with several billion dollars allocated to a range of high quality companies in the financial services and beverages sectors.

Legatum Ventures is a "double bottom line" investor which incubates and invests in entrepreneurs and for-profit enterprises companies that produce extraordinary social returns while generating financial returns that allow them to be self-sustaining. Economic self-sustainability not only ensures that the programs endure, but also that these initiatives can be scaled to reach an increasing number of people.

Legatum Ventures’ strategy is informed by the Legatum Prosperity Ladder™, and at this time, Legatum Ventures is particularly engaged in investment opportunities in the global micro-finance sector.

The Legatum Institute (“LI”) is an independent policy, advocacy and advisory organisation, whose mission is to research and promote the principles that drive the creation of global prosperity and the expansion of human liberty. The Legatum Institute undertakes original and collaborative research, and publishes case studies and ancillary literature, including the Legatum Prosperity Index.

• The Legatum Prosperity Index proposes a new definition of national prosperity, combining Material Wealth and Life Satisfaction measures.  The Prosperity Index rankings are the result of an analysis of 40 years of statistical data, identifying the factors that drive prosperity in more than 100 countries.

The Legatum Center at MIT is a collaboration between Legatum and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in which Legatum has made a gift of USD 50 million to educate Legatum Fellows – budding entrepreneurs from emerging markets – who will, in turn, create innovative businesses that promote sustainable economic growth in developing countries.

The Legatum Foundation promotes innovative ways to accelerate the creation of prosperity in local communities around the world through grants that transcend the proven limitations of traditional, top-down aid programs.

The Legatum Foundation manages a group of subsidiary organisations focused on empowering individuals to unleash their productive potential. One of these subsidiaries has invested more than $67 million in a wide range of humanitarian activities resulting in grants to 1,500 development projects in over 110 countries that have materially changed the lives of 5.8 million people over the past nine years.
The Legatum Foundation’s strategy includes funding projects in its priority sectors and influencing the development of a more efficient philanthropic marketplace. Within this sector-based approach, the Foundation seeks to obtain the highest possible "returns on investment" by allocating capital to the most effective humanitarian projects and programmes that can be identified while requiring investment-grade levels of transparency and accountability from our grantees.
The Legatum Foundation’s priority sectors range from health, neglected tropical diseases, education, economic empowerment, human liberty, disaster recovery and the environment.

Senior management of Legatum includes Mark Stoleson, President; Alan McCormick, Managing Director; Philip Vassiliou, Managing Director, Darrin Payne, Chief Financial Officer, Hamish Banks, Head of Corporate Communications; Dr. William Inboden, Senior Vice President at the Legatum Institute; and Troy Wiseman, Vice-Chairman at the Legatum Foundation.