Thirty years ago, we pioneered selling publicity by the story rather than charging per hour. The competition mocked our way of charging but clients loved it. No more crossing your fingers and hoping you get some publicity. With our nationally trademarked Pay Per Interview Publicity® pricing, you’ll always get media stories for your money.

No one arranges more media coverage than we do. Our publicists are responsible for tens of thousands of product news stories. If you think it’s easy to get media coverage—think again. Our publicists are the best of the best. That’s because we get paid to produce, not to try. So, ask to speak with one of them when you contact us. They’ll be happy to give their opinion about the media’s interest in doing stories about your products.

We have a proprietary media database. By making thousands of personal telephone calls to reporters and producers every month for 30 years, our agency has compiled our own proprietary database of media contacts. When you work with us, you are immediately connected to media contacts and details you simply cannot get anywhere else.

We extend the value of your media coverage through cross-channel promotion. Our Reach and Teach Product Promotion® services are multi-faceted. Once a media story has appeared, our full-service staff can help you share the news. We’ll write keyword-rich content to help you cross-promote your coverage through emails, digital ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, websites, etc. Being featured in media stories is a big deal so you want to let the world know.