The Leisure Linx collection of websites is uniquely designed with rich content to align visitors with real estate and lodging information in a clear, concise and visually enhancing way. Our websites are deliberately void of clutter from third party sponsored ads and distracting animations.

Our marketing plan focuses on driving qualified traffic and inquiries to our websites. Leisure Linx manages all analytics and reporting associated with U.S. marketing channels including email marketing, search engine optimization, PR campaigns, direct marketing and online advertising.

Rich content and relevant information creates the link to valuable communication. We provide a collection of both real estate and lodging information within each of our websites. Lodging visitors often travel to areas where they are likely to be interested in real estate. Real estate prospects may need lodging accommodations when they travel to view real estate. We’ve created the link to align these two segments and enhance the visitor experience.

Our design enhancements create visitor loyalty. Dynamic visitor tools ensure a user-friendly experience. Visitors stay on our website and explore more pages, fill out lead forms for advertisers, and are encouraged to return.

When visitors return, advertisers win with increased exposure and leads. Leisure Linx also provides advertisers with a nice royal suite of advertising resources and dynamic tools to ensure a simple and friendly experience only a single click away. Color-coded pricing charts, easy to read cross-referencing, and print- friendly pages are just a few of the minor details that ensure simplicity.