Lejon Business Solutions is a Global Consulting Firm analyzing all facets of the internal and external components of an organization.

Business leaders often lose their ability to self analyze and they become stagnant.

They'll benefit from the unbiased and novel review of their operation that a Lejon Global Business Consultant can provide.

We’ll deliver fresh ideas and practical solutions to internal and external components of your business that will keep you ahead of your competitors in today’s fast paced and ever-changing environment.  

Our Global Business Consultants credentials include serving as Fortune 500 Executive’s, C-Level Appointments, and President’s of Successful Start Ups.  They have acquired an ability to view your business processes, work flow and marketing through a set of eyes that will provide a new vision and path.  Lejon's Global Business Consultants do not look at only the big picture, we look at the small details and facets of your operation.  The details that are often overlooked by the active leaders of a business, but not by their clients or customers.

Lejon Business Solutions will provide you with the edge over your competitors.

We’ll make sure your clients remember you, return to you and recommend you.

Lejon Business Solutions Headquarters are located in Boca Raton, Florida.

However, our LBS Global Business Consultants are fully mobile and located worldwide to assess operations throughout North America and Internationally.

Short term single visit consults to long term business contracts