Lemme Plan's products inspire self-reflection, goal-setting, and positive change.
Sharan K founded Lemme Plan, who worked for a Fortune 500 company in her home country and relocated to Canada in 2023 after leaving her job. After facing challenges in the Canadian job market and experiencing the debilitating effects of stress, Sharan turned to journaling as a means of managing her mental health. She experienced first-hand the transformative benefits of journaling in managing stress-related symptoms; Sharan embarked on a mission to create tools that empower individuals to become better versions of themselves. Lemme Plan was born as a testament to the power of resilience and pursuing one's dreams.
Crafted with care in Canada, Lemme Plan's products boast a unique blend of handmade craftsmanship and purposeful content tailored for self-growth. From guided journals to vision boards, each item is meticulously designed to support individuals in finding their purpose, clarifying their goals, and cultivating a more fulfilling life.