Download lemurVPN for anonymity on the internet
VPN safes your privacy on the internet,
Helps to protect data and gets access to forbidden.

Why use a VPN
Protect Data
Save money
Unblock media


​Your ISP sees everything :
your actions on the internet for example , which sites do you visit, etc. And
providers most likely record and save your online activity history.

VPN will help you to protect this.
VPN encrypts all your internet traffic, masks IP address and real location so the provider can't browse your internet activity. There is no surveillance and collection data of your online activity.

Access to blocked content

Sites, services or other Internet resources which you want to visit may be blocked by providers or may be unavailable due to geolocation in which your location is.

When you connect to the Internet via VPN, you connect to the network from servers around the world, it provides free access to the internet wherever you are.

Data encryption

Connections to the Internet through public Wi-Fi are extremely risky. In public Wi-Fi all your personal information flying through the air between your device and a Wi-Fi router without any protection, and easily accessible to the attacker.
When connected via VPN - all your internet activity passes through a secure tunnel in which personal data is encrypted with special protocols, and accessible to prying eyes, even in public Wi-Fi networks.

Best prices for booking Flights, Hotels and Cars

​Changing your IP location with VPN to a lower income country can save you a lot of money. In fact, research has shown that retailers often use dynamic pricing to decide how much they’ll charge you. Dynamic pricing allows online retailers to charge different prices based on how much they think a user will spend.