LendQuest Financial was originated by owner, Robert Mac Murray and partner, Joe Kahn.  LendQuest Financial was established by the founders of a mortgage bank that lent nearly twenty billion dollars in home loans over a thirteen year period. With the backing and support of an already established mortgage bank, combined with the management experience of our account executives, LendQuest Financial can easily assist you in all stages of your loan process.

All of our loans are underwritten on site, which means that if there is a problem or a concern, you will have the opportunity to discuss your file with the decision maker. This new concept was to provide a more personal and professional experience to clients that felt “abandoned” during their previous refinances. Our commitment is to always maintain an open line of communication, as well as educate our clients during each step of the process.

LendQuest Financial, Inc. is a leading provider of end-to-end mortgage solutions including: First Time Homebuyers programs, refinancing with cash out options, purchase financing for new construction, lot loans & financing for land acquisition, remodel and teardown construction, fixed rate mortgages, jumbo loans, and many more programs available.

For more information about LendQuest Financial, Inc. visit www.lendquest.com or email mortgage.services@lendquest.com.