Lenders United was founded with the sole intentions of a customized free service for loan production offices ( LPO’s) and branch managers seeking other opportunities. We represent all of the top banks in the country expanding retail mortgage divisions. The new mortgage industry is ever changing and there are a magnitude of reasons to look into other banks and correspondent lenders. Through our strict due diligence process, Lenders United represents several top 25 banks in the country with a federally charter license for the last 100 years. In addition, Lenders United represents the best correspondent mortgage banks for net branch opportunities.

Loan officers and branch managers should never get too complacent in their current situation. The amount of time vetting companies in today’s industry is extremely daunting. Lenders United is only successful if you are successful, therefore our company’s mission is to find you a mortgage bank you can call home.

Lenders United is the one stop shop for all your mortgage net branch opportunity needs.

Whether you are looking to start a new net branch or look into transitioning to a new mortgage bank that better suits your business model we can help.

Lenders United will assist in the free recruitment of loan officers.

Lenders United will also provide loan scenarios for free to grow the volume of your branch!

Lenders United is the net branch opportunity mortgage coach!

Our reputation only takes us as far as our mortgage banks and the dedicated support staff our lenders employ. Lenders United is very well known throughout the mortgage industry. Mortgage professionals trust Lenders United’s opinions. When thinking about making a move to a net branch opportunity, there is more than one person involved. Mortgage professionals depend on Lenders United insightful thoughts and ideas when deciding what their next move in the mortgage industry should be.