LensFinder.co.uk was established in Autumn 2007 with the aim of providing an online contact lens price comparison service dedicated to the UK. As is so often the case with purchasing online, obtaining contact lenses at the cheapest price could involve hours of searching and trawling through the websites of dozens of suppliers comparing not only the price of the product itself but also shipping rates and bulk discounts.

LensFinder.co.uk makes it quick and easy for users to compare the price of their specific brand of contact lenses from multiple suppliers. Its comparison takes into account factors such as quantity and shipping costs and breaks the information down into a simple and easy to interpret format. Users are invited to enter the brand name of their contact lens and the desired quantity. Results are presented in a tabular format; prices for different quantities are instantly available from the results page and each result includes the cost per lens.

LensFinder.co.uk can be found at http://www.lensfinder.co.uk.