The Law Office of Donato Leombruni is a law firm that offers "Unbundled Legal Services" over the Internet through a Virtual Law Firm. The Firm is a complete Estate Planning and Business Law practice. Estate planning services include: Living Trusts, Wills, HealthCare Directives (also known as living wills) and Durable Power of Attorneys. Business law services include helping clients determine the right structure for their business, through the actual formation of that business. Taxation services run jointly with our Estate planning and Business law practices.

Through our Virtual Law Firm we are better able to meet the ever changing needs of clients. Though our office is located in Orange County, California, we are able to serve clients through out the entire state.

The Firm provides the same professional and quality service you have come to expect from a traditional law practice, but with the efficiencies of an online business. Technology has has allowed us to substantially lower our office overhead. This savings in costs is passed onto our clients through lower fees and greater accessibility to affordable legal services.

When you register to use our online services you can rest assure that your information is safe and secure. We use the same security software used by most banks; our site is tested daily and is “McAfee Secure.” All online payments are processed through “E-commerce” by “Chase Payment Tech.”

Virtual Law Firm (Practice of Law Online)

Through the Virtual Law Firm, Attorney Leombruni is better able to meet the needs of individuals and small business clients. By utilizing state of the art technology, attorney Leombruni is able to provide clients with their own secure online space. From this space clients' can contact an attorney, upload documents for review by an attorney, download documents completed by an attorney and have easy access to their client information.  No waiting days for an attorney to return your calls to find out the status of your case. Log into your "client space" and you immediately have access to your client case and all of your files. Whether at home, on the rode or in your office, affordable legal services are just a click away.

Our "virtual law Firm" will provide cost-effective and efficient, limited legal services to potential clients who are residents of California or persons with issues pertaining to California law. Limited legal services are often referred to as "unbundled" legal services. This means that I provide only a limited scope of legal services to you as requested and purchased by you. My relationship with you will not exceed the limited scope of work we have agreed to perform on your behalf.