Office Document Strategies

YOUR business runs on documents: invoices, e-mails, faxes, copies, proposals, catalogues, web pages, shipping forms....all of the ways you assemble and distribute information to your customers and employees.  Documents are a crucial part of your business operations and the strategies you use for managing your documents can have a big impact on your business.

Our business focuses on managing your document productivity:

When creating your documents...software, desktops, laptops, monitors etc.
When communicating your documents...e-mail systems, faxing, copying, IT networks, printing, mailing systems.
When filing your documents...document management systems, scanning systems and hardware, retention systems.
When displaying your documents...computer projectors, LCD's, colour printing.
When storing and protecting your documents...RAID systems, NAS systems, Backup systems.
When destroying your documents...shredders for secure destruction of paper and electronic media once their useful life is over.

Does your document system suppler provide the right approach to your business?

Does YOUR document system supplier provide….?

A Team which takes a personal interest in your needs?

Wide breadth of knowledge, applied to your needs…backed by support personnel with extensive field background and longevity of service?

A Team which is responsive in all ways:  at the sales stage, in the delivery stage and in follow-up support?

Flexibility in how they deal with you?

Broad product and solution choice, with the commitment to stand behind what they sell?

A long standing reputation for responsible, fair, honest dealings…demonstrated through the way they act?

Solid knowledge of IT networks, network printing systems and document filing systems?

Treat you like an important person as well as a valued client?