As a qualified and insured crystal healer, I can choose a crystal on your behalf, based on the information you give me, and by using guidance from higher energies.

To choose the best crystal for you from amongst all those I have takes time.  I do not follow the idea that for example "Amethyst is good for insomnia and bad dreams".   To me, it is like saying all British people are sarcastic and drink tea.   It's very stereotypical.  All crystals are unique and I aim to find the one that best works with your needs and energies.  This means I source and buy crystals individually - I never bulk buy!

After finding your crystal I use a second method to double check my selection.

I then re cleanse, dedicate and attune the crystal for you. I cleanse all crystals that find their way to me, but will re cleanse any crystal destined for someone else.

I dedicate crystals to work in love and light and for the highest good.  Energies lower than this frequency can then not enter or work through the crystal.

I then "personalise" your crystal by attuning it to your specific needs, setting the type of energy that your crystal will transmit to you.  

Many, but not all of the tumblestones I have are  pre drilled to allow for a chain or cord.  I give healing to all of these stones after their first cleansing, as I do to any crystal not in its natural shape or form.

Most of the crystals I send are tumbled or thumb stones, although I do also provide crystals in their natural form as well as carved.  If you have your heart set on a particular type of crystal (e.g citrine) please let me know and I will find the best match for you amongst those I have.

In addition, I can personalise a crystal you already own, if you send it to me along with information on your requirements.