From the beginning, our focus has been on creating an engaging way to learn English and motivating people to continue to learn new material. LetMeSpeak is constantly looking at ways to enhance the experience of our users through a fun and productive approach.

Practicing previously learned material with PvP gives users the opportunity to test their knowledge and compare their  progress with others. This approach increases the user’s motivation to continue studying and improves their memorization process.

What happens in the game?
You will find a city road where grammar exercises serve as a moped engine. Collect words to then put into sentences and overtake your competitor in real time.

How does it work?
- The game requires two to four players to participate.
- All characters can play, even those who have run out of visa.
- Each user has the opportunity to choose a rule they would like to play (you can only choose one that you have already learned and been awarded 3 stars for). Before the game starts, the system randomly selects one of the rules, so the game is played according to the rule of one lucky player.
- Players indicate the maximum deposit they are willing to spend on the game. The minimum value for everyone is 50 LSTAR. The maximum value is however much the player has in their game balance.
- The practice lasts 45 seconds. After this time, places are distributed according to the number of points earned.
- The Сharacter’s energy remains untouched during a PvP game.
- The player with the highest score wins. In case of a draw, the reward is summed up and split into equal parts. If no one scores any points, the system takes the entire balance for itself.
- The better your grammar skills, the more intermediate points your character earns.

We collect a service fee for each game:
- If two people are playing, the service fee is 20%
- If three or four people are playing, the service fee is 10%

PvP game mechanics are still in the initial stages, so there will be updates and improvements in the future. LetMeSpeak is in a constant cycle of growth and development. Our team is creating an online ecosystem that helps students improve their knowledge in a fun and easy way. Being supported with data-driven methodology means our students are motivated to continue their ongoing educational journey.

Find up-to-date information in our whitepaper: https://whitepaper.letmespeak.org/economy/pvp-game